Notice! PolyMoon is transitioning to a new token. All holders will receive an airdrop following the IDO. Please do not buy or sell PolyMoon tokens.

Official PolyMoon Buyers Guides The PolyMoon team has created these official
buying guides to help our community navigate the Matic Network
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Matic Mainnet Buyers Guide
The official $PolyMoon guide for getting funds from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the Matic Mainnet via BEP-20. This is the cheapest way to purchase PolyMoon, but xPollinate is in beta testing and sometimes unstable. Proceed with caution.
Centralized Exchange (CEX) to Matic Mainnet Buyers Guide
The official $PolyMoon guide for getting funds from Coinbase to the Ethereum Mainnet to the Matic Mainnet via ERC-20. This method uses ETH for gas, which can be expensive. If you start with your money on Binance, we recommend using the BSC Guide.

Helpful Tips

  • Purchase PolyMoon in quantities divisible by 1,000,000,000. If you purchase an odd number of PolyMoon, it often returns errors
  • If you receive the following QuickSwap message, "The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined." First, verify that you are purchasing a quantity of PolyMoon divisible by 1,000,000,000. If this does not work, adjust slippage to 12%
  • Ensure you have enough gas to cover the bridge transaction. If you're transferring from the Ethereum Mainnet to Matic, you'll need Ethereum. If you're transferring from Binance Smart Chain to Matic, you'll need BNB
  • If you need Matic for gas, and this is the first time you're connecting your wallet to QuickSwap, ensure you visit QuickSwap while connected to the Ethereum Mainnet. This may sound counterintuitive, however, QuickSwap will display a button that says, "Switch to Matic". Click that button and connect your wallet. QuickSwap should automatically deposit .001 Matic into your wallet to cover gas

Unofficial PolyMoon Buyers Guides A few amazing community members took the initiative to make Unofficial
PolyMoon Buying Guides and these are the highlights!

Our community rocks!

The PolyMoon team would like to personally thank each person who has helped us pave the way for mass adoption on the Matic Network. We couldn't do it without your help! A very special shoutout and thank you goes to Dr. Hodlor for the featured video.


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